Paula Radcliffe
(Former Women’s World Marathon Record Holder for 16 Years)

“The first run I had with the device showed me how comfortable, simple, and easy to use it (the Frontier X2) was, but more importantly, it gave me reassurance after years of pushing my body and my heart to its limit, that I hadn’t caused any lasting damage.”

Rod Groomes
(Frontier X2 User)

“This (Frontier X2) enabled me to monitor my frequency of these extra beats. you know, last summer we did put a heart monitor on for seven days, and then a week later you get the results. Obviously, this gives me instant feedback.”

Jennifer Hoard
(Frontier X2 User)

“It's usually spot on. So to me, it just gives me some reinforcement knowing that I am feeling what I'm feeling. And I'm not just a little paranoid.”

Walther Ramos
(Frontier X2 User)

“The Frontier has been amazing because it has helped the doctors at Northwestern , figure out a way to give my life back and be comfortable with me working out two hours a day.”

Daniel Chernoff
(Frontier X2 User)

“I like to measure my heart rate during paced workouts so I know what zone I'm in and also the measurement of strain and training load are unique to the device.”

Terry Gardiner
(Frontier X2 User)

“I want to make my life better, my heart better, I really learned a lot from the data, I felt a lot more confident and better kind of kept at it.”

Mark Allen
(Six-Time Ironman World Champion)

“The Frontier X2 is an amazing device that helps you tune into some of that stuff that may be hard to tune into. Your heart will never say ‘hey I’m getting a little tired here’ – you won’t know you’ve gone to the far end of danger until it’s too late. Your heart cannot give that kind of feedback, but the Frontier X2 can.”

Tom Gaskell
(Frontier X2 User, Wind-Surfer)

“Without the Frontier X2 we never might have known that increasing your exercise burden beyond a point puts excessive strain on your heart. I would have probably increased my exercise: done more, for faster and longer, and this could have impacted my health negatively.”

Howard Dyson
(MD & Owner, Satmap Systems, Long-Distance Cyclist)

"The Frontier X2 helps me recognize what I am feeling, giving me opportunities, in certain instances, to push my boundaries, that are then reflected in me modifying the upper and lower limit of my scores."

Scott Kaintz
(Frontier X2 User)

“I was looking for a device that records 24 plus hours, whereas all the other devices I had were good for no more than 30 seconds or so. Frontier X2 has been extremely powerful. Effectively I wear it for all exercise and while sleeping. It’s nice to have a data collection tool that I can put on during those periods.”

Helen Brown
(Former British Champion in Body Building, Frontier X2 User)

“Something that people needed for a long while, especially Athletes, like back in my day, use it for one type of thing to push and push and push, whereas they the other end of the scale. We're going, can we exercise? Is it okay to? And I know a lot of people go, oh, I better not, just in case. Well, this allows you to go, no, go for it. Keep going. And yes, you're fine. Do a wee bit more do a wee bit more think a lot of people could do well to have this device (Frontier X2)."”

(Frontier X2 User)

"I like that it has the vibrating alert when I'm going too hard, so I don't need to be looking at my device while I am pedaling and take my eyes off the road."

Mark Dutton
(Frontier X2 User)

“The Frontier X2 has just given me an incredible level of clarity and detail about my heart during prolonged endurance events and you just can't get that kind of detail with other devices. It helps me dispel fear and uncertainty."

(Frontier X2 User, Lawyer and Athlete)

“…Frontier X2 Tracks your inherent abilities and keeps you safe. It’s a must have and It’s something that I just don’t train without anymore…"

Darren Mott
(Frontier X2 User, Former FBI Agent)

“I wanted a better Heart Rate Monitor and came across the Frontier X2 which helps me monitor what I’m doing and gives better representation of the stress on my heart during various activities"

Jeremey Dirom
(Influencer, Frontier X2 User)

"I am super impressed with this device (Frontier X2) not only does it work well as a heart rate monitor, but it does a great job of collecting other data…"

Peter Morris
(Frontier X2 User)

"I look at the feedback and the graphs after every run. So far, so good. It has been comforting to know that my heart is coping well with the running and exercise that I do."

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